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Contract of maintenance in brief

Content of the contract:
  • Customer service in Finnish
  • Right to use the newest version of the program

    Customer service

    In Finnish language. Gives you solution models for the usage of the program.
    Solutions can be given in phone, via email or as a link to a website explaining
    the subject.

    All consultation, changing computer preferences, calls over 10 minutes and installing
    third-party software are not incuded and are invoiced according to our current hourly fee.
    Lessons for our program can be purchased separately. Atsoft is not responsible to
    advice the user "hand in hand".

    Remote assistance can be given to the program within the limits of maintenance contract
    free of charge.

    FAQ, does maintenance contract include these?

    Solving basic problems considering the program? Yes
    Finding the cause of the problem? Yes
    Giving a resolution model? Yes
    Doing accounting for the customer? No
    Advicing third-party software? No
    Installing Asteri to a C-drive with default settings? Yes
    Installing Asteri to a network environment, such as server? No
    Helping to move Asteri from an old computer to new one?
    -Advicing it yes, doing it for you no.
    Explaining document, that can be printed such as Balance sheet? Yes
    Translating documents to foreign languages? No
    Writing or editing a new SQL query? No, but can be adviced briefly
    Installing a PDF-document printing program? No, but can be adviced

    Software updates to programs with Contract of maintenance

    The programs are being developed and upgraded all the time. New versions may come daily
    or rarely, depending on our coding cycle. The most recent versions can be downloaded
    here. Major updates are informed via email.

    Contract of maintenance is invoiced in January for the whole year. If a program is purchased
    in the middle of the year, the contract of maintenance is invoiced for only the remaining
    months of the year.

    The contract of maintenance is valid when paid in full to the end of the year. If customer wants to
    terminate the contract, it should be done before December 15th, or a fee of 24 € + VAT is charged.

    If any invoice is overdued, Atsoft has the right to decline any software updates or give
    advice for the program.

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